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Tung Keng Enterprise Co., Ltd. 東庚企業股份有限公司

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Today is 21,Nov,2018
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About Us
Tung Keng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (DK City), founded in 1987 manufactures products that meet the needs of those who pursue a lifestyle of Health, Happiness and Living a Long Life!
DK City with its name originated from Dream Knitting City realizes that, wherever the city dwellers are, the dream of freely enjoying a life of health, fitness, happiness and rejuvenation remains identical, which is the mission that DK City committed to fulfilling by innovating, designing and manufacturing products that meet the needs of everyday living through the use of technology and innovation with an emphasis on being GREEN and environmentally friendly. DK City builds a series of products that extend from cardio and strength fitness equipment, high-end furniture and massage chairs to recreational electric-scooters, golf carts, e-bikes and e-scooters.
DK City’s award winning projects focus on the innovation of the electric pollution-free bicycles and motorcycles, all attempting to protect and preser... [Details]
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